About Us

Mission Statement

FIX’D is a transitional resource and support organization; bridging the gap between need and care. In addition we provide behavioral health services, accredited life coaching and peer support counseling. We specialize in providing personalized support for Veterans who fall through the cracks. We work with the Veterans Treatment Courts to create tailored treatment plans that not only get Veterans back on their feet but also address the root causes of their problems including; PTSD, substance abuse, isolation, lack of a sense of purpose and lack of peer support.

Organization Overview:

FIX’D isn’t like any other Veteran service organization. We are not interested in raising awareness; we are interested in solving the problems that we are already aware of: isolation, loss of purpose, and difficulty working within the existing system to resolve critical mental and behavioral health issues. We provide accredited life coaching and peer support to veterans fighting through physical and mental obstacles such as; PTSD, Self-Medication, Anger Management, Isolation, Survivors Guilt, and Problematic thinking. Vets wait months and in some instances years to receive health care; however, the need intensifies. FIX’D bridges that gap between need and care providing programs, peers, and a network of health care professionals volunteering to answer the call.

Great Nonprofits Reviews

S.H. Client

I have used Fixd inc. services for over a two year now and this has been such a great organization to help with everything from life counseling to finding the correct help for any problems Vets face. If I didn’t have Fixd inc. I’m not sure where my life would have gone they have helped get my life back on track with finding the disciplined solider I once was, I tried the VA and where I’m from in California the closest VA hospital with everything they offer is 40 miles away the satellite doctors office they have is only open till 3pm. Fixed inc. has been there in times of need at 2am in person. I have been a solider for over 10 years now and have never received the kind of treatment Fixd inc. offers. Without Fixd inc. I probably would not be today to write this. Thank you Fixd inc. for everything! SPC Hauger

J.N., Client Served

Until recent, I have kept everything inside. Life has been heavier than expected. Each day, growing more cumbersome than the last. I look back and wonder, where have I gone? I am a shell of who I once was. Until I reached out to someone from my past; a brother who as always been there for me… and he answered. He answered my call, every call, day or night, good time, or not, he was there. My brother TACP, through the thick and thin. The day I had to tell my team that our brother was lost, he stood with me. My pride grows more each day. My struggle still continues, but I know, within the depths of my heart and soul, that FIX’D will answer.

Jen, Client Served

Went in With no expectations just wanted to see what it was about. They go above & beyond to figure out what’s best for the specific Veterans needs & I cannot express enough what a Relief It is to have found them!

J.B., Donor

As a donor to FIX’D Inc, it’s been a pleasure to attend their events and observe the rapid expansion of this much needed service for our Veterans. A big concern of mine is the national suicide rate of Veterans, FIX’D is taking this matter seriously. Their outreach is touching more Veterans daily at the national level, and I fully support and admire the hard work of this organization.

Serving those who serve us, our Veterans

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and extend our services for all Veterans. FIX’D Inc. is a 501 (c)3.