Program Purpose

The Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California Berkeley published a “Strategic Plan” focusing on FIX’D Inc. The plan identified FIX’D Inc as having a 97% success rate with program graduates.

FIX’D fills a critical gap in current veteran support services. We provide behavioral health services and accredited life coaching and peer support counseling. When veterans leave the service they lose their sense of purpose and lose the close-knit support units to which they have become accustomed. Many deal with substance abuse, PTSD and other behavioral and mental health problems that can lead to legal trouble, impact families and cause a veteran to commit suicide. The VA is overwhelmed by the need and can only serve those who qualify for service-connected benefits, leaving a sizable portion of the veteran community without access to timely mental health and support services.


The GET-FIX’D Program

Has over 400+ Graduates. The GET-FIX’D Program has a 97% Success Rate!


Has helped over 1000 Veterans, Active Duty, and Military Families with immediate needs, intervention and wrap around services. 


FIX’D has partnered with Dr. Victoria Boccanfuso, who is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience. She works with individuals as well as couples and families. Her office also offers group therapy.

FIX’D Program’s Objectives:

  • Improved access for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment for Veterans.
  • Provide a viable alternative to the Veterans Affairs Administration for clients who are unable to receive timely treatment due to eligibility or demand.
  • Provide Veteran-centric customized treatment plans utilizing the whole person care model.
  • Increase accountability for Veterans currently assigned to the Veteran Treatment Court.


Sustainability: FIX’D works differently from other non-profit organizations that serve veterans. We are not interested in raising awareness; we are interested in solving the problems that we are already aware of isolation, loss of purpose, and difficulty working within the existing system to resolve critical mental and behavioral health issues. When a veteran comes to FIX’D we customize an 8-10 week holistic treatment plan that works for them based on their needs and schedule. We are committed to following through with each client’s past when their immediate needs are met. These are our people, our brothers, and sisters in arms, and we will not leave them behind.

Expected Outcomes/Impact:


  • Improved quality of life for clients.
  • Meet the immediate needs of clients being housed and fed.
  • Perform 700 plus crisis interventions.
  • Improved accountability for and compliance with the Veterans Treatment Courts mandates


  • The reduced veteran suicide rate
  • Reduced veteran homelessness
  • Veteran community building and engagement
  • Reduced burden on Veteran’s Administration
  • Reduced burden on the criminal justice system

Success Stories

Veteran Treatment Court Graduate

STOCKTON — Eighteen months ago, after struggling for 10 years to reconcile the experience of being a U.S. Marine who fought in Iraq, Zac Jenkins finally reached a crossroads in his life. great video

Serving those who serve us, our Veterans

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and extend our services for all Veterans. FIX’D Inc. is a 501 (c)3.